La Licorne

Lyons La Forêt | Hôtel & Spa

Modern times

The LABOR are still present at Lyons under the Consulate of the Empire. The innkeeper pays a license of 140 francs, one of the ten strongest in the city. Under the rule of Louis XVIII., Her niece, the Duchess of BERRY, launched the fashion of the sea baths at DIEPPE. La Licorne becomes the usual stage of the affluent families who go to the new seaside resort. The hotel has to adapt to this clientele of choice. The LABOR have become notables. Maître Henri LABOUR, lawyer, is mayor of Lyons from 1815 to 1821 (date of his death). The justice of the peace is Pierre, Boniface Labour, who holds this office under the Restoration and in the first years of the reign of the King of the French, Louis Philippe, grandson and heir of our good duke of PENTHIEURE. LABOR then left Lyons and sold La Licorne to a new family, the LIEUBRAY. Under the Second Empire, the hotel is still the relay of the Parisians in love with the Normandy coast. In 1855, the owner of the premises receives his brevet de Maître de Poste. The affairs of the LIEUBRAY are flourishing since they make the purchase of a gentleman’s house, the “Sergenterie”. During the war of 1870-1871, the staff of the francs-tireurs took a pension there. The duke of CHARTES, grandson of King Louis-Philippe, stayed there (it was declared under the name of Robert LE FORT). The Prussian occupation led to the presence of Lieutenant Von STUPNAGEL, ancestor of the German general of 1940-44.