La Licorne

Lyons La Forêt | Hôtel & Spa

Contemporary period

The LIEUBRAY still own the Unicorn at the birth of the Third Republic. Gradually, the hotel has established itself as the privileged place where celebrations of good society take place, banquets of the canton (patriotic birthdays, agricultural comices). To encourage tourism and economic recovery, the municipality is once again trying to get the railway to our village. These efforts will have no effect, Menesqueville remains the nearest station. The hotelier Athanase LIEUBRAY is in charge of passenger transport. The forest, the hunting with courre attracts nevertheless an important clientele to the Unicorn. In June 1913, Lyons hosted the International Forestry Congress. The hotel receives a multitude of delegates from all over the world (Denmark, Japan, Argentina …). The war of 1914-1918 materially spared the city, but the people who were wounded by their bereavement frequented the Unicorn. The officers of the English detachment, faithful regulars, are not sufficient to compensate for this loss of clientele. The end of the conflict leads the population in the great movement of gratitude towards the artisans of victory. On April 16, 1921, the prefect inaugurated the cantonal monument in the presence of an immense crowd. The banquet takes place at the Unicorn. At the same time, the “Dépêche de Rouen” under the title “Among the roses of LYONS LA FORET”, evokes the gardens of the hotel de la Licorne during a reception of the competitors of a cycling race: “les roses Crumble like waterfalls, so many roses that the air is perfumed like the boudoir of a pretty woman. ” The Unicorn in spite of the German occupation, crosses the second world war without too much damage, but the facade of the hotel must be completely redone. The LIEUBRAY family, in 1955, separated from the hotel and sold to Monsieur BRUN. He kept it until 2005, when Mr. Fabrice LEVESQUE acquired it and returned his traditional sign “La Licorne Royale”. Chef Christophe POIRIER restores her nobility by crowning her with a star in the Michelin Guide.